Previous Award Holders


Amanda Hilliam: A Rediscovered Madonna and Child with Angels by Lorenzo D’Alessandro da Sanseverino

Elisa Martini: Fillippo Lauri and British Collectors of the 18/19 century

Lucion Oriani: Library of Alfonso II of Aragon King of Naples

Eliot Rowlands: Art advisor and connoisseur Harold Woodbury Parsons (1882–1967) and his role in the formation of the European collections at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

Natasha Shoory: Women Collecting in 18th century Paris

Vivien Bird: Richard Payne Knight (1751-1824): Antiquary, Collector, Connoisseur


Scholarship not awarded


Scholarship not awarded


Paula Fayos-Perez: Goya in French Collections

Melissa Gustin: Neoclassical sculpture and the encountered antique

Chiara Lo Giudice: Jacopo Amigoni at the Spanish Court (1747–1752)

Francesco Lofano: The correspondence and inventories of Francesco de Mura

Cristina S. Martinez: Jane Hogarth printseller

Valeria Paruzzo: The market for paintings in Venice during the Austrian occupation (1815–1866)

Rosie Razzall: Paul Sandby’s collection

Eleonora Nanà Scianna: The Grandi archive and collection of prints and drawings

Zdeñka Michalová: Gerhard Jansen’s ‘Baptism of the Eunuch’ in the collection of Karl Eusebius von Lichtenstein (The Burlington Magazine)


Natalia Budanova and Natalia Murray: The gallery owners Nadezhda Dobychina and Klavida Mikhailova    

Daniele Galleni: The Coppedè atelier in Georgia 

Belinda Granata: The Peretti Montalto paintings collection in the palazzo di San Lorenzo in Lucina    

Ludovic Jouvet: Collecting portrait medals in 17th and 18th century England   

Erika Loic: The Ripoll and Roha bibles  (The Burlington Magazine) 

Emily Pegues: The tomb of Mary of Burgundy in Bruges  

Catherine Phillips: The collection of Charles Cobenzl in Kraznodar 


Louise Box: The Duchess of Northumberland’s print albums. 

Giulio Dalvit: The Patronage of Vecchietta in Siena.

Gianluca Forgione: The Apostolado of Duca d’Alcalà, Sevill

Krisztina Ilko: Augustinian Friars in Central Italy

Rahel Kulka: The Dukes of Prussia 1525-1618

Anna Seidel: Peretti Montalto sculpture collection and its display (Burlington)

Francesca Stopper: Venetian baroque and rococo goldsmiths.


Scholarship not awarded


Mattia Biffis: Guido Reni’s Hermitage Dispute over the Immaculate Conception

Mikolaj Getka-Kenig: Polish monuments

Zuzana Macurova: Ignaz Chambrez and art theory

Cara Rachele: Early renaissance revival in Florentine neo-classical architecture

Giovanni Russo: The patronage of the Antoniazzo Romano triptych in the Prado (The Burlington Magazine)

Denis Ton: Drawings by Piazzetta


Isabella Collavizza: the 19th century London art market and Venetian paintings

Margaret Dalivalle: Salomon Gautier

Margaret Iacono: Charles Stewart Carstairs

Angelo Lo Conte: The Procaccini Academy (The Burlington Magazine)

Georgios Markou: Art on Cyprus under Venetian rule

Marco Mascolo: Wilhelm Valentiner’s first American years

Tara Prakash: Prisoner statues in Old Kingdom Egypt; the Dinicaopoulos collection

Laura Dickey Corey: Mary Cassatt and the taste for Impressionism in America


Angelamaria Aceto: Giovanni Giacomo de’ Rossi’s Insignium Romae Templorum Prospectus

Giada Damen: Andrea Vendramin’s museum

Galina Mardilovich: Russian printmaking and the West

Agnès Penot-Lejeune: La Maison Goupil in The Hague and London (The Burlington Magazine)

Katherine Reinhart: The visual culture of the Académie Royale des Sciences

Michael Ripps: The letters of Robert Langton Douglas to Wilhelm von Bode

Maria Cristina Terzaghi: Charles I and his court, Gerbier, and the taste for Italian paintings

Tomás Vales: Jakob Matthias Schmutzer


Alessandra Becucci: 17th century military nobility as patrons

Anthony Gerbino: Topographical maps in early modern France

Christina Lindeman: Anna Amalia, Duchess of Weimar

Natalie Lussey: Vavassore and the printed image in 17th century Venice

Rachel Miller: The global iconography of St Francis Xavier

Alison Sherman: The patronage of Pietro Lombardo’s choir screen in the Frari, Venice

Luke Uglow: Crowe and Cavalcaselle on Giorgione


Laura Bolick: The art patronage of Cardinal Bessarion

Gabriele Donati: The sculptor Domenico Fancelli in Spain

Ross Finocchio: Henry Clay Frick: the making of an American Collector

Irene Mariani: The artistic patronage of the Vespucci family (The Burlington Magazine)

Giusi Perniola: The Napoleonic suppression in Turin: the point of view of Paris

Giovanni Santucci: The Talman albums at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


Floriana Conte: Collecting of Salvator Rosa between Italy and Great Britain

Silvia Davoli: The collection of Both de Tauzia

Christa Irwin: Influence of Italian Renaissance Art on Colonial Peru

Catherine Jenkins: Fontainebleau Prints (The Burlington Magazine)

Alexey Larionov: Early Netherlandish drawings at the Hermitage

Jesse Locker: Artemisia Gentileschi in Venice

Fernando Loffredo: The collecting history of Giambologna’s Samson and the Philistine

Eleonora Pistis: Designs for the Radcliffe library in Oxford

Minou Schraven: Festival culture of Spanish monarchy


Audrey Adamczak: Nanteuil and Evelyn

Marisa Bass: Patronage of Jean Carondelet

Suzanna Berger: French seventeenth-century thesis prints

Nathan Flis: Francis Barlow’s possible French connections

Antonia Gatward Cevizli: Cultural consequences of Ottoman embassies to Italy

Enrico Lucchese: The Smith and Algarotti albums of Venetian caricatures

Luciana Mocciola: Charles Garnier’s drawings of Angevino tombs in Naples

Chiara Teolato: Roman decorative bronzes in Gustav III of Sweden’s collection


Yasmine Helfer: Guglielmo della Porta tombs and patrons (The Burlington Magazine).

Martin Krummholz: Count Johan Wenzel Gallas in London

Michela Passini: Debates around the ‘Raphael’ sketchbook in Venice.

Catherine Phillips: The Cobenzl collection of drawings

Nat Silver: Pesellino and Herbert Horne 

Mickaël Szanto: Art in relations between Rome and Paris under Paul V 1605-21


Anne-Marie Eze: Abate Celotti and his collection of manuscript cuttings.

Francesco Freddolini: Giovanni Baratta, the Duke of Chandos and British Diplomats as agents 1710-23 (The Burlington Magazine)

Ketty Gottardo: The Barberini collection of prints 

Alexander Marr: Mutio Oddi and Milanese collections

Susanne Meurer: Critical reception of Durer, Holbein, and Grunewald.

Renata Novak Klemencic: Architectural and artistic exchange between Dubrovnik and Naples in the 15th century


Simone Bertelli: Late 19th-century Anglo-Saxon responses to the Sacro Monte at Varallo

Marta Paloma Cacho Casal: Velázquez’s library and intellectual world (ha, in memory of Enriqueta Frankfort)

Wolfgang Cillessen: David Hess’s Hollandia Regenerata, counter-revolutionary visual journalism and pictorial propaganda 

Bianca De Divitiis: Diomede Carafa, a 15th century Neapolitan patron and collector

John Marciari: Francesco Vanni’s drawings

Xavier Salomon: Cardinals’ patronage at the hermitage of Camaldoli around 1600 

Elena Sharnova: Sergei Tretyakov’s collection of 19th century French painting


Julia Armstrong-Totten: The picture dealer Michael Bryan

Elisa Camporeale: The Sienese exhibition of the Burlington Fine Arts Club

Anne-Lise Desmas: 18th century sculpture in Rome under Benedict XIII  (The Burlington Magazine)

Marika Leino: The collecting of Jacopo Francesco Arpino in Turin

Birke-Siri Scherf: Francesco Bembo and portraits of Bianca Cappello


Naoko Takahatake: The Print Industry in Bologna 

Paola D’Agostino: Cosimo Fanzago in Spain (The Burlington Magazine)

Francesca Pitacco: The dispersal of the picture collection of Bartolomeo Vitturi

Giovanna Brambilla: The dispersal of the Guglielmo Lochis collection

Miriam Kirch: The portraits of Ottheinrich of Wittelsbach


Cristiano Giometti: Domenico Guidi in Breslau and Spain 

Linda Borean: Sasso, Armano and Abraham Hume 

Ippolita di Majo: Padre Resta and southern Italian drawings

Stefano Casu: Cyriacus of Ancona’s drawings 

Irina Oryshkevich: The history of the catacombs in Rome (The Burlington Magazine)


Kristel Smentek: The business, collecting and connoisseurial practices of Pierre-Jean Mariette

Elizabeth Goldring: Elizabethan patronage and collecting, the Sidney/Leicester circle

Martin Olin: The collection of 17th century Roman decorative arts drawings acquired by Nicodemus Tessin

*first year awards given